Proof of God’s existence

I have invented a proof that God exists.
Well it’s based on an idea that I got from TV. I don’t think it was East Enders.
The idea is that our consciousness is always a split second behind reality. This is the time it takes our brains to process our senses and create an alternative reality in our heads. So it will look at a lot of wooden sticks stuck together and think chair.
So then I went on from this to speculate that our version of reality does not exist in an instant in time. It consists of a “sliding window” of a few tenths of seconds. Maybe less. So for something to impinge on our consciousness it will take a little time. This is how subliminal stuff works. It is noticed by our brains but is not important enough to rise up to the surface.
Surprise is an event that is so odd, shocking or different that our sub-conscious passes it straight up to consciousness without processing and just says SHIT!! – FIGHT OR FLIGHT!
Animals vary in their preponderance to surprise. Simple animals are easily surprised as their window of consciousness is smaller. Their version of reality consists of not much more than food/not food. Dogs are harder to surprise but still easier than elephants. It is relatively difficult to surprise an elephant.
It all depends on the expanse and complexity of the version of reality that they carry around in their head. Humans are thought to have the most complex realities and are therefore the most difficult to surprise.
Consider your reaction to Tony Blair getting a job at a bank with a fat pay check. – Yawn. American right wing good buddies with the Saudi’s – ho hum.
Now consider that a consciousness is necessary for the reality to exist and that the larger the reality the more complex the consciousness. Then does it not stand to reason that for the entire universe to exist there must be a consciousness enormous enough to encompass it. The sliding window would necessarily be the entire length of the universe.

Ipso facto God exists.



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