The second world war is finished – Get over it

The Man On The Radio (TMOTR) says that events are going on in London to mark London as the location of the next Olympics:


“While in Hackney there is a Street Party with an 1940s theme”


A 1940s theme!? What the hell have the 1940s got to do with The bloody Olympics? Nothing. The truth is that whenever the British get patriotic they think of the second world war. Any time we try to think of something we’re proud of we have to go back to the bloody war. Churchill famously said that “this was there finest hour” and in one sentence he condemned Britain to constantly look over it’s shoulder at past glory. This is why every bloody Christmas we have to sit through Escape to Victory or The Great Escape on TV. The Lancaster bomber is just as much a symbol of British Christmas as a bloody Christmas tree.


But WW2 is over. It’s finished. Give it up. We’ll meet a – bloody – gain. Blue birds over the white bloody cliffs of bloody Dover. It’s OVER.


Is the 1940s to be the theme of the London Olympics?!!! Are we to have the officials dressed as bloody RAF pilots and the athletes with tin hats? NO!


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