Police Bullshit

I just watched a TV advert with a bunch of youngsters driving along in a car. The eyes of the people have been altered to appear large and the voice over says “Drugs have an involuntary effect on the eyes that you can’t control, the police can spot this.” and a police car drives by while the guy with enormous eyes gapes out of the window.

Ignore the ignorance of “an involuntary effect …that you can’t control”.

This is bullshit scare tactics. They are talking about the fact that some drugs cause the pupils to dilate, ie enlarge. Not the whole eye, just the pupil.

The police, or anyone else for that matter, can NOT see if your pupils are dilated through two panes of glass at a distance of several feet. Furthermore it is normal for pupils to dilate in the dark and for other reasons such as eye drops.

Remember the ad run a few months ago telling everyone that if you see something suspicious you should report it and showing two men standing under a street light?

This is yet another example of bullshit scare tactics by the establishment.

The atmosphere of the UK is becoming more and more oppressive as the establishment resort to coercion to solve every problem.



One comment

  1. Yes. ‘The police can spot this’ contributes to the image of police as the sort of people who jump to conclusions, fabricate and exaggerate evidence. And some people do have bigger eyes, you can’t pull a stunt like this without hurting someone’s genes. Not to mention mocking the afflicted (conditions like goitre).
    And the similar infomercials threatening unemployed earners are sick. ‘Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.’

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