Road Kill


My route to work currently takes me over the South Downs and through some back roads and I frequently start out around 6:30 am. At this time in the morning the roads are relatively clear and one is not forced to dawdle. The site of the hills and the sky can be quite uplifting but this feeling does not always last as I seem to see more and more road kill.
Sometimes I just see a flattened lump in the middle of the road but other times it’s a large dead badger keeled over and lying with it’s paws in the air. Does a badger have paws? I don’t know. Last week there were two dead badgers close to each other and in the past I’ve seen foxes, pheasants, rabbits and deer.

This morning as I rounded a corner and accelerated, two large birds were ambling along the middle of the road with their backs toward me. They heard the sound of my engine and started to run. I flashed my lights like crazy and braked as they lifted off and to the sides. Thankfully I swept past with a couple of feet to spare.

Later in the day the traffic increases and we are just one of many rushing past ignoring these poor animals but early in the morning, at the beginning of a new day, it is deeply depressing to see the damage that our civilisation wreaks on wildlife.


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