Defying intelligence

So, I have the TV on and it’s showing some new American series about astronauts named Defying Gravity. It looks like it is going to be the usual appalling reliance on technique, pretty people and a life or death scene once every ten minutes but is this enough to overcome the truly ghastly script?

Lines such as:
“You feel like your destiny has been ripped from your body by a fierce wind…”
“You know I want babies with you don’t you”
“We got a problem” – ( Ooh nearly like Apollo 13, how authentic! )

Then throw in 20% more techno-babble padding than ER and we have the makings of a massive hit.

I’d seen trailers for this and expected the worst but what I did not expect was that the actor who was fantastic in the 1999 film Office Space was going to destroy his career on this.

Yes, Ron Livingston is to play Maddux Donner.

But hey ho, my taste rarely chimes in with that of the majority so I’m sure Ron’s career is in safe hands.


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