New Labour Undead

New Labour Undead
New Labour Undead

When Tony Blair left I was glad. At last the kingpin of the age of spin had gone. Though I considered Gordon Brown to be incompetent, I thought that at least he was sincere.

Then Peter Mandelson was rehired to help paper over Brown’s failures. Then Blair tried to become president of the EU. Now I hear that Alistair Campbell is back! It is like watching one of those hideous American zombie movies where the zombies get there heads cut off and are inert for a moment before one of their gnarled hands reaches out and grabs you by the ankle.

Does nobody remember the dodgy dossier? Did Doctor Kelly really kill himself?  What about those stupid little pledge cards? Do we not care that our leaders are total bullshitters?

On the news today I heard that Brown now has a bee in his bonnet about over paid civil servants. I’d be more impressed if he started cutting down on overpaid special advisors. He wont do this of course as the top layer of the cabinet are all ex-advisors, speech writers and other hangers on. Toadying and spin is now the fast track to a safe seat and an eventual cabinet position.

I just heard the BBC say that some nit wit is saying that top bankers are like top footballers and you have to pay them large bonuses. Whoever they guy is he was Talking Bollocks! But hold on, if we change the analogy slightly it might work. Perhaps top bankers are like top footballer who you thought had scored a lot of goals and won a lot of games last season but then you woke up and found it was all a dream and the footballers have scored no goals and lost every game they ever played. Put it like that and the bankers are exactly the same as top footballers.


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