What’s on the back of a 10p piece?

British coins
British coins

What’s on the flip side of a British coin? Come on, quickly. What on the back of a 20p?
You don’t know? I’m not surprised. It used to be that the design of coins was part of a nation’s culture. Not anymore. The Royal Mint seem to have a different design every year. I noticed recently that the latest design is sort of off centre, appearing as if the manufacturing apparatus has gone berserk. How very impressive. No doubt a young thrusting designer. No doubt they won an award. I fully expect that New Labour are planning to allow advertising on coins. Tesco 2p pieces. Replace the Queen’s head with a Louis Vuitton logo.

However, I’d like to know how we’re supposed to differentiate real coins from forgeries when we can’t remember what is supposed to be on the bloody things. Mind you, with the current rate of “quantitative easing” I guess Sterling will be worthless pretty soon anyway.


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