That’s Gordon

Brown is irresponsible and lacks judgement
Brown is irresponsible and lacks judgement

There is a phrase being bandied about by the Labour party whenever Gordon Brown does something stupid. The phrase is “well, that’s Gordon” and we are hearing it practically every day now.

The reaction we are supposed to have is, oh well, he may be a bit clumsy and irascible but he is really very good with economics and, well, he’s like your mate who can be a bit of a prat sometimes but he has a heart of gold and you wouldn’t swap him for the world.


Mr. Brown may well be irascible and clumsy but this does not mean that he has sound judgement or that he is a good leader of th British economy. Let me restate some of Mr. Brown’s blunders.

  • Taxing dividend payments depressing pension funds
  • Selling the nations gold at the bottom of the market because he thought he had abolished boom and bust. (and announcing his intention first to drive the price lower)
  • Setting up a Tripartite system of financial regulation which resulted in no clear responsibility for regulation of the banks.
  • Deluding himself that inflation was low because cheap Chinese imports kept high street inflation low while gigantic asset price inflation took place in the stock and property markets.
  • Running a budget deficit even during the boom years
  • Dithering while Norther Rock collapsed.

There is another little myth that Mr. Brown himself propagates. This is that the financial crises is global in nature and therefore he cannot be blamed for any of it. This, also, is bollocks. The reason the crises is global is because each responsible government member around the world was, to a greater or lesser extent, imprudent and incompetent. If a group of people go into a bar and drink beer and all get drunk it is not an excuse for one of them to say: well, we were all doing it.

And the leaders of the hyper-capitalist trend which lay behind the crises were the United States and the United Kingdom. Remember Brown preaching sanctimoniously about “light touch” regulation to the other countries in the EU?

Yes the fact that Gordon Brown is an unpleasant character is beside the point.

The fact that he is incompetent is not.



  1. Light touch regulation is also a Conservative policy, so is having rubbish regulators: in fact if he had listened to the unions and sensible left wing people in the party he would have done none of that. I think your criticism of Gordon Brown is over done: no chancellor is ever remembered as a success, and least I can’t think of any.
    The fact that Gordon lasted so long in the job is testament to the fact that he did at least an OK job, I can’t think of anyone else who has been Chancellor for so long.

  2. I’ve preached a lot the last few months about Gordon’s unsuitability as prime minister, I’m quite sure people are fed up listening to me. You’re bang-on about Gordon’s performance as Chancellor, I watched the bubble being pumped up day by day, max out your credit cards, massive mortgages, all of that stuff.
    He was the Chancellor, he could have done something about it, he didn’t, the tax receipts were too tempting to boost his chase for the top job. I can’t make up my mind whether he is a very calculating individual or a moron. I think probably a bit of both.
    If he didn’t recognize the pumping of the bubble then he’s an idiot, if he did recognize it and ignored for his own ends then it’s time he was gone. That looks like happening anyway and the rest of us will be left to pay for the mess and the payback is going to be painful I’m afraid…

  3. Yes Valeman I agree 100%.

    The way I see it is that GB has an big Excel spreadsheet of tax income and this is the lens through which he and Blair view their success. Bollocks to people as long as the totals increase.

    Also, like you, I find it difficult to believe that anybody could be that stupid and so wonder if Brown and Blair are just bastards.

  4. Interesting point—-hitler was probably not viewed as a successful chancellor—-plus he was chencellor from 1933 to 1938 when he promoted himself. I remember truly crap economics—interest rates going up 2% in a day—-interest rates at 15%—-inflation at 20%: We’ve had Black Monday and Black wednesday—-Gordon Brown is not going to go down in history as the worst. In fact anyone who can remember when economics was run by the fake theory of monetarism will tell you some chancellors have been much much worse.

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