What will Gordon do next?

Ballot Paper
Ballot Paper

Ok, we’re off. Voting for the UK General Election has started and pretty soon the TV will start pumping out predictions and theories. Jonesxxx carried out his civic responsibility and visited the local community centre to make his mark.

Yesterday I saw a clip of the vile Brown entity on some chat show with his wife and they asked him what he would do if he couldn’t be PM and he prattled on about working for a charity. This put me in mind of Tony Bloody Blair. I recall that during his time in office Mr. Blair told us fervently that he was passionate about education, passionate about child care, passionate about young people, passionate about hospitals, passionate about politics and passionate about Britain. So what did Mr. Blair do as soon as he left number 10?

Well, he resigned as a Labour Member of Parliament for Sedgefield and got a job with an American bank. Funny, as I don’t recall him mentioning his passion for banking or America or leaving the people of Sedgefield once that they had served their purpose.

Of course he also got a job as a Middle East Peace Envoy but this seemed mostly to involve living in America working for large banks.

So, what will Mr. Brown do if he can’t be PM? What will he do if the Labour Party dump him as leader? Will he carry on nobly as Labour member for Dunfermline East? WIll he go and work for a charity as he suggested? Don’t count on either. My bet is that he will spend the remains of his life in a darkened room writing endless justifications of his period in government and how it could have been so different if he had been Prime Minister in 1997 before Blair screwed everything up.


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