UK Election Results 2010

So the results are in fro the UK General Election 2010 and no party has a clear majority. Not only that but the two parties which are generally considered to be left leaning, Labour and Liberal Democrat, cannot combine to form a majority. The pie chart below shows the problems. The number of seats are split straight down the middle with LIB/LAB on one side and CON on the other. In the middle are a handful of tiny parties.

UK Election Results 2010
UK Election Results 2010

However, what is even more interesting, is to see that the people who are  eligible to vote but did not vote are the real majority. These are people could easily have swung the election one way or the other if they’d got off their arses. – Hey ho.

Party Seats Votes
Conservative 306 10,706,647
Labour 258 8,604,358
Liberal Democrat 57 6,827,938
Democratic Unionist Party 8 168,216
Scottish National Party 6 491,386
Sinn Fein 5 171,942
Plaid Cymru 3 165,394
Social Democratic & Labour Party 3 110,970
Green 1 285,616
Alliance Party 1 42,762
UK Independence Party 0 917,832
British National Party 0 563,743
Ulster Conservatives and Unionists – New Force 0 102,361
English Democrats 0 64,826
Respect-Unity Coalition 0 33,251
Traditional Unionist Voice 0 26,300
Christian Party 0 18,623
Independent Community and Health Concern 0 16,150
Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 0 12,275
Scottish Socialist Party 0 3,157
Others 1 319,891
Eligible to vote but did not 0 16,346,362
Turnout 29,653,638
Total eligible to vote 46,000,000

Data thanks to the BBC and

Currently the UK uses the First-past-the-post voting system for electing members to the House of Commons. Labour have expressed interest in moving toward a Single Transferable Vote system and the Liberal Democrats want Proportional Representation. Please vote and state which system you would prefer.


One comment

  1. I object to non voters being labelled apathetic—-there are many reasons people dont vote: the systems disenfranchises many people in safe seats, who know their vote will never make a difference.
    Another large group of people who dont vote are migrants from the UK, living in other countries: many feel that they arent up enough on the politics to vote—-in fact those who do vote arent really helping.
    The voting lists arent that accurate: they are only up dated once a year, and include the terminally ill and transient workers (construction and hotels etc.). I’ve actually worked on making these lists and you get a bonus for each person you find—- the numbers arent under reported: put it that way.
    I can fully understand how 3 parties with a similar agenda dont represent anyone.

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