Building Art
Building Art

Arrived in Tribeca, Manhattan yesterday from Hoboken. Hot and humid like they always say that New York should be. The area was surprisingly uncrowded as it was Memorial Day and New Yorkers like to get out of town when they can. Surprising to me as I thought that a bank holiday would be an ideal time to enjoy New York. Had a drink in Ward 3 on Reade Street where they had some interesting art work.

Then moving on near the Petrarca restaraunt we passed a building on Church Street owned by a local artist named Steven Rand. The windows constantly changed colour and effect was reminiscent of stained glass in a church.

The New Yorkers yearning to escape was my ticket into the Macao Trading Company restaurant on Church Street where it is usually difficult to get a table. The Macau is a theme restaurant based on the Portuguese colony of Macau. Great décor and the food was good though the choice of beer was slightly odd to a British eye. OK, a couple of Chinese beers but then Sam Smiths bitter? The tables on the upper floor appeared like cages intended to reflect the Chinese brothels in Macau and downstairs there were erotic paintings.The menu presented in the style of an old ledger was a nice touch.

Walking back I noticed that the Americans have started stacking their cars on top of each other on strange metal contraptions and that the vents to the subway had been raised a few inches so that when the streets flood with water it does not all slosh down onto the trains creating an aquatic theme experience in the subway.

New York Parking
New York Parking

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