Bar-B-Qued Businessmen

New Yorkers
New Yorkers

Today I wandered around the financial district of Manhattan. The place is very up beat and alive (he said as if revealing some hidden truth that had previously gone unnoticed). I think what I like about New York is the street life or “Leben auf der Straße” as they say in Germany. New Yorkers sem keen on uniforms; the businessman has a crisp clean shirt and tie the delivery guy a white apron, the postman a blue hat and a trolley, the construction worker a vest, hat and a plethora of contraptions dangling from his body. Consequently it is easy to identify what’s going on.

At the World Trade Centre a new building is finally going up and the Americans are taking to the task with zeal. One thing that impressed me was that I photographed all the WTC in front of the police and nobody bothered me. This stands in stark contrast to Great Britain’s paranoid policy on public photography where they harass amateur photographers with bollocks about it being illegal.

There appears to be a lot of yellow about in NYC these days. The taxis of course but also the trucks. I noticed an “organic dry cleaners” down near Battery Park, something I have not come across before.


Also near battery park hoards of immaculate dressed businessmen and women ate their lunch, many of them queuing for bar-b-que. This is another thing that almost dumfounds me. How can New York business people remain so sharply dressed in the heat and humidity while eating bar-b-que.

To be honest I was told to stop taking photographs by a security guard when shooting directly into the vast good entrance. I approached the guy and told him that I didn’t think he had the authority to tell me to stop taking pictures and he said, OK, and that his supervisor had told him to tell me to stop.

I should investigate what the rules are in the U.S.

Barba-Q'ed businessmen
Barba-Q'ed businessmen


  1. They might as well be a row of mailboxes. People come by and stuff things in and out of them every day.

    Juxtapose this photo with your mailboxes photo. And your windows photo. Do a series of five photos of series of fives things in a photo.

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