Labour’s disgusting self riotousness

I am getting really irritated by Labour in opposition. Their outrageous self riotous indignation is disgusting. From Roy Hattersley arrogant assumption that the Lib Dems should ally with Labour to
Harriet Harman winging that Lib Dem voters did not vote for the current policies.

Hey Harriet! I am a Liberal Democrat voter, don’t tell me what I think!

This week Tom Watson, Labour MP for West Bromwich East became almost hysterical in the House of Commons and shouted  that the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, was a “miserable pipsqueak”. This abuse from a member of a party which  led the UK into war under the leadership of such miserable frauds as Mandelson, Campbell and Blair!

Labour backbenchers have still not faced up to fact that their acquiescence to being led by charlatans and incompetence for the past 13 years has cost them power and cost the country dear.  Labour should wake up and smell the coffee. They knowingly allowed a bunch of frauds to lead them in order to win the election. This is an open secret. Even Tony Benn has admitted it publicly. They sacrificed their principles for power, they screwed the economy, they lost the election.

When Mr. Watson uses the term pipsqueak, I suggest that he is projecting. Today he  swaggers around insulting people like a drunken bouncer but why did he not have enough courage to speak out when Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were shafting Labour and the country? Could it be that Mr. Watson is a miserable pipsqueak?



  1. I’m not sure this accusation of hypocrisy won’t come back to haunt you: There is a difference between surrender and compromise: a lot of the Lib Dem Policies I voted for have already been ditched. I voted Lib Dem because I am not a racist half wit, the Lib Dems have already voted for some patently daft racist plans to stop skilled workers entering the country: mostly because they might be black. I am pro Europe, and believe that Britain should produce a more adult and business like attitude to our major trading partners: this is not what William Hague represents. I want a modern electoral system: obviously the Tories won’t want that. I don’t remember any of your tory friends questioning what was obviously hogwash from labour. All the worst Blair bull was backed by the Tories, they could recognise one of their own.

  2. All your comments immediately go off topic and merely restate your opinion that everyone, other than you, is a Tory, and that all Tories are racists. It’s boring. You even come out saying more or less the same as me in that Blair was really just a Tory but you mix in a lot of lies such as that you voted Liberal – Yeh, sure you did. And “your Tory friends” – I have never voted Tory and never allied myself with Tories – Most of my diatribes on this blog are anti-commercialism and ant-corporations. My main criticism about New Labour is that they were a bunch of charlatans who supported corporations instead of people.

    Your trouble is that you have no real opinion and so you just make stuff up to play a game at taking part in a debate. You are what is known as a Troll and I shouldn’t be feeding you.

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