Labour Leadership – starry eyed, starey eyes and scary eyes

Competition to see who can lie the longest without blinking
Competition to see who can lie the longest without blinking

So here we go………the Labour leadership race. Channel 4 News ran a mini debate between all candidates this evening and fed in some comments from the recently reanimated Tony Blair.

  • Diane Abbott
  • Ed Balls
  • Andy Burnham
  • David Miliband
  • Ed Miliband

All candidates tried to distance themselves from the Brown / Blair debacle. It seems to me that we have David Miliband as the New Labour continuity candidate which I take to mean spending like an irresponsible old Labour government, supporting big business over the individual while increasing the power of the state to control the population using technologies such as centralised databases, CCTV and GPS monitoring of cars.

Then we have Ed Miliband who has mentioned a 50p tax rate and seems to me more an old Labour candidate. Old Labour is not something I relish with it’s economic incompetence but Socialism is an honourable ideal and at least he is relatively straight about his objectives.

Ed Balls is a mystery to me. That this blowhard babbler could even be considered as a candidate for an MP let alone party leadership shows just how much modern politics relies on spin over policies. I don’t trust the way his eyes open wide when he gets fervent and I suspect that he is lying while trying to look the interviewer in the eye and overcompensating.

I respect Dianne Abbot for independence and saying what she thinks and I agree with her on some policies mostly related to foreign policy. However, I expect that she is one of those Labour MPs who are excellent at fighting injustice but inexperienced and naïve when it comes to managing.

I don’t know too much about Andy Burnham but he seems equally distanced from Blair and Brown and relativity untarnished by the New Labour experiment. Perhaps he could be a good leader. Not that I’d vote Labour for a few terms yet. Labour really need to stop adjusting their policies in order to garner votes and figure out what they stand for.


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