Who would you put in the Chilean mine?

Who would you send down the mine?
Who would you send down the mine?
It’s excellent news that the trapped Chilean miners are now being brought to the surface. Welcome good news showing ordinary people pulling working together to face a crisis. Marked contrast to the ghastly news we hear from other parts of the world.

It does, however, highlight the contradictory nature of humanity. We will work unceasingly to rescue trapped miners but if the issue is a little more prosaic, like for example the mentally ill then we drop some money in a collection box and move on.

When the last miners out that mine and that little capsule will still be there crying out for inhabitants. Personally I think it would be a very good thing if george Bush and Tony Blair were pushed down there. We could keep a TV link of course to watch them as these ghastly smirking grins gradually faded from their faces. It would be like Big Brother, only better. They would get on each others nerves after a while. Bush would keep saying “Yo Blair” and Blair would keep saying “Yunno” and telling the TV audience that he was “passionate” about miners.

Who would you stick in that little coffin and push back into the ground?


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