Israeli pauses to shout “Say the land is ours – Say it!”

Say the land is ours! - Say it!

Say the land is ours! - Say it!

The media are reporting that the Israel is insisting that the Palestinians recognise that Israel is a special state for Jews. In this latest round the Israeli’s opening gambit was that they were willing to engage in talks so long as there were no preconditions. They did not even want to stop expanding their expansion of settlement of fundamentalist Jews on Palestinians territory as to stop was seen as a precondition.
Of course there has to be one precondition for peace talks and that is the cessation of hostilities and stealing more Palestinian land and entrenching the possession of such settlements is obviously a hostile action.

So, after turning a blind eye to this behaviour for decades the United States is finally putting pressure on Israel to stop building. Israel is now insisting that the Palestinians recognise Israel as a “Jewish” state and in return they will stop building for a limited period.

It strikes me that the Israelis are behaving shamefully. While continuing to kick the fallen Palestinians they have paused briefly to shout “Say the land is ours – Say it!”

Israel is also planning to introduce a law requiring all citizens to take a loyalty oath to Israel as a “Jewish and democratic state”. Ask yourself, would you take such an oath for your own country? Would I take an oath recognising the UK as a Christian and democratic state? Would anyone in the U.S.? Angela Merkel is currently getting into hot water for straying into this debate.

In truth, it is probably not racist to consider a country has a specific character, whether German, Jewish or multicultural. Where it does stray into racism is when that country treats a minority as second class citizens and I believe this is the case with Israel. Certainly a recognition of Israel’s Jewish identity should not be conceded by Palestinians while they live like prisoners and Israel takes more and more of their land.

One cannot discuss Israel without taking the holocaust into account but Israel has played on this nightmare for fifty years while pushing racist policies against the Palestinians. I suggest that this “Get out  of criticism free” card has now expired and Israel should be held to the same standards as other countries.

You can help by boycotting Israeli goods.


2 thoughts on “Israeli pauses to shout “Say the land is ours – Say it!”

  1. Today the BBC World Service is reporting that Israeli building of settlements on Palestinian land occupied illegally by Israel has increased by four times!

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