Are you posh or not

is she posh or not
is she posh or not

The programmers at Radio 4 are obviously on form this week. On Monday Woman’s Hour had a piece on Burlesque featuring a performer with the ludicrous name of Opehlia Bitz. The gist behind this was the question “Burlesque: is it the acceptable face of stripping?” or as Jane Garvey put it: is Burlesque merely  “Stripping for posh girls”.

Today’s edition of Woman’s Hour had an item on the new Ryan Air calendar which features “scantily clad” female air hostesses and featured Michael O’Leary, CEO of Ryanair, and Mary Honeyball an MEP. This was more stripping, this time for the working classes with the debate focused on “a bit of fun” and discussion on whether the unions were involved?

For any students researching such topics The Ryan Air calendar can be seen here and I report this as, from a TALKING BOLLOCKS standpoint, these two features highlight the ingrained class structure of British Society and, in no way, a cynical attempt to raise ratings. As if I would.


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