Rich kids and demonstrations

Tuition fees? - get away?
Tuition fees? - get away!

The Daily Telegraph has reported that the son of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, Charlie Gilmour, was involved in the student demonstrations and photographed climbing on The Cenotaph. The Cenotaph climbing doesn’t worry me too much, it’s a great tribute to many brave people who sacrificed their lives for others and deserves respect but young people will always disrespect symbols of this sort and there was no serious damage done.

What I do note is that David Gilmour is a very rich man and presumably his son is not short of a bob or two. I expect that Charlie does not need a student loan so must be driven by wanting to help the less wealthy. A noble sentiment.

But hold on a second. We have a rich young man with a fervent desire to help the less fortunate. So what does he do? He desecrates a symbol to the dead in an effort to get everyone else to pay for students.

It seems to me that this is a fault in the British character. No matter how well off, people who want to help others never dig in their own pockets or dirty their own hands actually contributing funds or helping themselves. Instead they start campaigns for everyone else pay.

If Charlie Gilmour really wants to help poor students I suggest he talk to his dad.



  1. I’m not so sure. I think the American rich get more involved in Philanthropy than we Brits. For example there have been a spate of rich yanks giving a lot of their wealth away over the past few years. Warren Buffet to Bill Gates.

    I haven’t heard of a single Brit who has done anything similar.

  2. It’s mob mentality, nothing to do with teenagers. Perhaps this young man feels isolated and not part of the crowd due to his father’s wealth, perhaps we can help him by paying for his psychology appointments which no doubt he needs to understand his actions.
    The fact is, it is anti social behaviour, this is no different from the Friday night drunken behaviour we see. We all know what their excuse is.

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