CPS prosecute man for warning drivers of speed gun

Prosecuted for flashing his lights
Prosecuted for flashing his lights

Open Email to Keir Starmer via CPS web site


I just heard on Radio 4 that the CPS have prosecuted a driver ( Michael Thompson ) who flashed his lights to warn motorists of a mobile police speed gun. They charged him with wilfully obstructing a police officer in the course of her duties.

This is an outrageous infringement of civil liberties. The speed gun is to catch people who are actually speeding NOT people who may be INTENDING to speed. By flashing his lights Mr Thompson could not have affected anyone who was actually speeding.

More and more the police are taking authoritarian stances and feeling that they are entitled to harass individuals. Often this takes the form of stopping ordinary people taking photographs in public by pretending that there is some terrorism threat.

From the point of view of the general public this clashes dreadfully with the police inability to prosecute their own officers even when they have been photographed in the act of assaulting a member of the public.

I have been critical of police tactics at various demonstrations but had been sympathetic during the recent student demonstrations because of the obvious violent intent of some demonstrators (fire extinguishers etc).

However, incidence such as the prosecution of Mr. Thompson, merely reinforce the negative image of the police as an oppressive organisation who take advantage of their position and are unaccountable to anybody.

I suggest that you remember that you are British officers in a country with a long tradition of civil liberty and not mindless officials from some soviet satellite state.

Stop harassing ordinary people and start effectively disciplining your own officers.



I understand from this What’s On Xiamen that the presiding magistrate was Jean Ellerton of Grimsby Magistrates Court.

Why not email them and register your disgust? You could use the text above as a template.



  1. On the basis of above prosecution

    It must now be a crime to stop somebody who is going to commit a crime!!
    E.G. police are waiting for a bank robber around the corner. You tell so robber not to commit a crime as police around corner.


  2. I wonder if the CPS will now prosecute the people who go around putting up those signs warning of speed cameras!

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