Desperate celebrities

Davina might make a good cleaner
If she can clean, I have work for her

What is going on with British celebrities these days? It’s as if they know the gravy train is pulling into the station and are taking any old job to stay on our TV screens. David Walliams, for example, starred in Little Britain which has to be one of the most successful comedy series of all time. Yet this week he hosted a dire show on Channel 4 named Awfully Good showing crappy bits of TV from the past.

This follow Alexander Armstrong, of Armstrong and Miller, staring in Pimms adverts and a piffling quiz show named Pointless which has to rank lower than Jasper Carrott’s Golden Balls. Then there is Big Brother’s front woman Davina McCall pushing shampoo and fronting a forgettable rival to Who Wants to be a Millionaire named The Million Pound Drop.

I guess that, like the rest of us, with unemployment due to rise they think that they should just take whatever they can get. If their agents are listening then I need a cleaner for my flat and Ms. McCall may be suitable. As for the other two, if they are any good at plumbing then please Email their CVs to me care of  Talking Bollocks.



  1. Of course the other one is Famous and Fearless, quite clearly not given the potential backlash for such awful presentation and lazy commissioning.

    Still we have exhausted the celebrattyy workout videos and perfume range.

    If the economic downturn continues then you may indeed have some twisted celebrity cleaner option game whereby after cleaning your house they have to answer questions in relation to what they came across. Questions like ” Is the fungus in the fridge a rare French cheese” – True or False Davina

    (Not that I am suggesting anyone has fungus in their fridge)

  2. Good idea. A reality TV show of Davina McCall cleaning and Alexander Armstrong fixing toilets.

  3. Iggy bloody Pop selling Car Insurance and Bryan Ferry pushing Marks & Spencers – Ugh!

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