cunts fashionable with newsmen but fuck more popular

So we’re off again. This time it’s Jeremy Paxman falling into the dreaded cunt trap when saying cuts, cuts, cuts on Newsnight.

While watching one of these stand up comedy programs a week or so ago it seemed to me that the comedians seemed desperate to prove their foul mouth credentials. In fact, they were not even that foul mouthed, but merely sprinkled their rhetoric with the word “fucking”. Don’t get me wrong I have no aversion to fucking swearing but I was reminded of a friend from my youth who used to use the word “fucking” prior to every noun. In his eyes many people were “fucking cunts” but one day he became so excited that he referred to someone as a FUCKING fucking cunt. I still find this amusing today because he’d merged the term fucking cunt into a single “ngram” so that the term still needed an additional adjective to kick it off.

Flicking through the Independent web site the other day I stumbled upon a Julie Burchill article entitled Say goodbye to the Enlightenment. We are living in the age of goatsuckers

I admit that I found the article virtually unreadably. It could have been that I was tired but I really could not be bothered to go back and reread it. I do recall the following phrase “….from teenage girls who are free to fuck when and who they want for the first time in history….”.

The word fuck drew my attention. I don’t think that it was because of any obscene connotations but because of the causal use of slang in a main stream newspaper. Not that I have anything to boast about in this regard.

Interestingly Google Ngram viewer shows that, as far as literature is concerned, the term cunt has been growing in popularity since the 1960s roughly following the popularity curve of tits and wanker. Bastard has long been popular and bum has been growing in popularity but the real star performer here is the word fuck. Fuck has shot up in popularity and is now more used even than bastard. This is comforting as it is in accord with my own experience of TV stand up comedy shows. Odd then that serious news presenters seemed to have become obsessed with cunts.

fuck cunt arse bastaard wanker tits bum
fuck cunt arse bastaard wanker tits bum

One comment

  1. Interestingly people only seem to have become interested in fuck since 1960 which is in contrast to the level of bastards that have been about prior to this…..very interesting.

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