Why own a PC or Mac?

Around 1995 PCs were hot and now they’re not. We still use PCs or Macs and we still rely on them but we have to start asking why? Most new shared applications are written with a web front end so we can access them with any gadget with a web browser. For example we could just use our mobile phones.
Though this is true we may still feel that we need the size of a laptop or desktop screen and keyboard and so feel forced to use both a smartphone and a PC.

This can’t last much longer. A bit of hunting around the web reveals that it is possible to connect a large screen and a full size keyboard to your iPhone. So why not just have a big screen and a keyboard on our desks and plug our iPhone in when we want to do some full size work? Why have even own a PC?

Microsoft must be very worried and perhaps their last chance is the recently announced tie up with Nokia. Even if this partnership is a success it’s doubtful that we will see a return to one OS dominating. Microsoft have had their day.


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