Oliver Brian Clocks

Oliver Brian, 15 Cross St, Hove, East Sussex BN3 1AJ, 01273 736542 ‎
Oliver Brian, 15 Cross St, Hove, East Sussex BN3 1AJ, 01273 736542 ‎

Wandering toward Brighton this morning through some back-streets near the Robin Hood I stumbled across a shop full of old clocks. Grandfathers and mantelpieces mainly. Some fantastic objects in here. It seems that it’s Oliver Brian’s place on Cross Street. Sales & repair of clocks & Watchs I am reliably informed.



  1. WOW, thanks for sharing this collection photo of old clocks with us. I think these are really great pieces, and can even be used for collections. Very nice photo!

  2. Thank you so much for this posting on Oliver Brian’s clock shop on Cross Street. My husband and I found this shop by accident by strolling – just like you. Usually I fein interest for a little while when we visit clock shops, being the watch widow that I am, and go find the resident cat or dog to pet while my husband looks at clocks. Not at this shop, I was intrigued for hours and want to return again. We managed to find it again, by accident, when a clock maker friend of ours from South Africa was visiting. Now it is 8 years later and our friend needs the contact information of some place we found by accident. Thankfully I found your post and by the wonderful clocks in your photo I knew it had to be the place!

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