Is Brian True-May racist or is Lloyd Langford prejudice?

What about the commuters?
What about the commuters?

This week we heard that TV producer Brian True-May has been suspended after being accused of racist comments relating to the ITV series Midsummer Murders. It seems that Brian True-May does not include racial minorities in this program as he does not think it would work. His supposed racism seems to boil down to the following comments:

  • “last bastion of Englishness”
  • “We are a cosmopolitan society in this country, but if you watch Midsummer you wouldn’t think so”
  • “Maybe I’m not politically correct.”
  • “We just don’t have ethnic minorities involved. Because it wouldn’t be the English village with them. It just wouldn’t work.”
  • “I’m trying to make something that appeals to a certain audience, which seems to succeed. And I don’t want to change it.”

Does this make him a racist?

One might also complain that the series includes no commuters, seems to over emphasise murder when this is a comparatively rare crime and that most of the programs take place in summer. I am no fan of Midsummer Murders, I find it boring and I don’t watch it. Though I can see the attraction of small English villages I am no special fan of them. I think that life in one might be rather dull. However, I recognise that some people, especially older people, find this program enjoyable.

Mutli-culturalism and tolerance are about acceptance of difference.

Yes, Midsummer Murders portrays a silly romanticised version of  English village life. So what? It’s fiction! Do we really believe that East Enders is an honest portrayal of East London? Are we to ban Miss bloody Marple for being unrealistic? Do we really want a society where producers are forced to ensure that each program has a scientifically selected cross section of British society? Should the program also have quotas for the young, the old, the disabled? What about council flats and hoodies?

What sickens me with this sort of thing is the way the lame minded jump on the band wagon and repeat the accusation of racism like some McCarthyist witch hunt. Once someone is accused the pack falls on them and tears them to pieces. This evening a self riotous comedian named Lloyd Langford appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Now Show and joined in the abuse. It seems to be a trend with comedians that they resort to supposed-anti-racist hate speeches to get the audience on their side and of course the audience all laugh as nobody wants to appear racist. It seems to me that trampling a man’s reputation for laughs is a cheap and despicable tactic.

I have never heard of Brian True-May until this week and have no idea if he has racist tendencies or not. I do know that producing a fictional TV show based on a traditional and romanticised portrayal of an English village is not racist and that indulging in groundless accusations of racism is bigoted prejudice.

People used to say that nationalism was the last refuge of the scoundrel. Now it seems that prejudice is the first fall back of comedians.

Listen to the interview



  1. I think there are several things you havent considered: firstly the show is a commercial enterprise and no advertisers like to be assosciated with predujice. You can gain votes by being a racist politician, but you will lose money. Most “politically correct” initiatives a started by business.
    Let’s try an analogy, “Auf Weidersen Pet” producer comes out and says it’s a comedy about the building trade, of course their arent any women in it, except as cleaners or in the offices.
    Here’s my take: A comedy that specifically excludes a group for no real reason can’t be tolerated—-change the words ethnic minority to jew and you are on the way to gas chambers.
    Having no ethnic minorities doesnt add to the show or make it funnier, its a stupid point to try and defend outdated stereotypes.
    I don’t think the guy should be sacked, I think he should be in prison: in effect a screenplay writer is an employer and he is discriminating on grounds of race.

  2. I don’t agree at all. You have made the assumption that guy specifically excludes minorities when you have zero evidence for this. On the back of this you want to lock him up.
    yet you imply that he is a fascist! This is outrageous prejudice!

    We know very very little of this story. We know he gave an interview and may have been asked about ethnic minorities. He is a producer for a Ms Marple style program. he is going to be thinking of chocolate box images and country pubs and world war 2 generals with moustaches. he is going to be thinking cliches.
    The idea of putting an ethnic minority in the program would not even had entered his head.

    Yet you have decided that he should go to prison! I find that so so bigoted.

  3. I just have to add another point.

    It is absolutely stunning that people who portray themselves as tolerant and anti-racism are so keen on locking people up for making TV programs yet the societies which do lock people up for making TV programs are invariably intolerant police states.

    Racism is wrong but automatic condemnation of people for a handful of vague comments presented out of context is identical in intention. It is prejudice bigotry and akin to racism as it condemns without consideration or understanding and it intentionally tries to divide the world into the good and the bad based on spurious grounds.

  4. Joe Martinez; your comment is the most bigoted I’ve read on the subject. Lock someone up for being successful at their job? Well the only reason that you’re able to type your comments is that you’re obviously not in prison, therefore, unlike Mr. True-May, you must be useless at your job.

  5. I used to really enjoy watching Midsummer Murders but this new series is rubbish.

    Please bring the orginal writer and producers back. This race thing is nonsense.You don’t see that many foriegn faces in little rural village anyway. What a load of fuss about nothing.

    The new series makes Jones look an idiot and the story lines and the acting is so unreal.

    It won’t last long if it carries on like this. Such a shame to spoil such a great programme. The characters and actors are fine it what the poor people are being directed to do and say.

  6. I just heard the Nigerian born director and actor Femi Elufowoji Jnr describe his Yoruba “race” as highly intelectual and a premier tribe.

    I don’t expect that he will be suspended from his job.

    And nor should he. This was not a racist statement.

    However, if he had been a white director describing the English “race” as a a premier tribe I have no doubt there would be apoplexy amongst the BBC leadership.

    We apear to have some kind of prejudice going on here.

  7. If youj asked the country to vote they would vote AGAINST multiculturism which has changed many of our neighbourhoods without consultation to us. Most people will tolerate some multiculturism but not on the vast open door policy introduced by the silly Labour government. Ask the country to vote – I think you know what the outcome would be.

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