Millband is a bloody glove puppet

Ed Millibandelson
Ed Millibandelson

Ed Milliband’s hysterical demands for ken Clark’s resignation yesterday seemed a little opportunistic. The story had only just hit the media yet Milliband managed to work it into his performance within hours and even The Independent declared that it is Milliband who should be ashamed of himself. This disingenuous and scurrilous misrepresentation of Clark’s words reminds me of the old bullshit days when Labour called themselves “new” and Blair could talk for hours without saying a thing. I now wonder whether Mandelson may be crouching behind the Labour benches with his hand up Milliband’s arse. “Ooh Mrs! – That’s the way to do it!” It seems to me that Labour are devoid of any ideas of how to get the country out of the mess they made and are resorting to rabble rousing.


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