Tories given easy ride at conference

No make that "help" the unemployed
No make that "help" the unemployed

I dislike the way that the news media have been reporting the future as it represents collusion between the politicians and the media. The politicians want their message on morning news programs and the news programs want to report it so a draft of the speech is handed over. Some may think that the difference of a few hours makes no odds but it can have odd repercussions.

The Tories had their conference  up in Manchester this week and this morning BBC Radio 4 reported that Prime Minister David Cameron “will say” that we should all pay off our credit card debt. I remember thinking that this did not sound like a good idea as it would reduce demand even further.

This evening Channel 4 main news was that David Cameron had not said that we should all pay off our credit card debt – he’d changed his speech. Big news? Well, I guess the original statement was poor judgement on Mr. Cameron’s part but you can hardly blame him for changing it when it received a negative reaction. What do we expect if we are going to use the medai as a proof reading service for politicians speeches? It should be obvious that reporting drafts merely gives politicians the ability to correct poor judgement.

Also this week we had the supposed “clash” between Secretary of State for Justice Kenneth Clarke and the Home Secretary Theresa May. Theresa pointed out that a court ruling relating to immigration referenced the defendants ownership of a cat and Clarke expressed scepticism that this was a decisive factor. Was this really the biggest news so far at the Conservative conference? If it was then the big news should really have been that there was nothing happening at the conference.

I guess it was bigger than yesterdays story which was that David Cameron appeared to be accompanied by a different female escort each time he was seen at the conference and I was amused to hear on the radio that Boris Johnston is always escorted around at conference to try to keep him out of trouble.

Seems that the Tories have got an easy ride due to a poor performance by the media.


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