Squatters Network Brighton

The Squatters Network of Brighton held a march in Brighton yesterday. They didn’t seem to be demanding rights or protesting injustice. The only placard I saw proclaimed “Kill The Bill”. The Bill seemed unfazed and followed them in a van along Western Road. My hypocrisy sensors buzzing as I note that some Welshy can get jailed for tweeting racist comments yet a bunch of squatters can march through the street threatening to kill policeman without comment.

Squatters Network Brighton
Squatters Network Brighton


  1. Well if the bill is passed the only place they will be occupying will be jail.
    They always pick nice houses, never see them squatting in areas of deprivation, still we all have standards !

  2. Very true. I guess if you are going to squat then there is no point slumming it.

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