Blair? Back in Politics? With his reputation?

Look back in anger
Look Back In Anger

The Guardian is reporting that Tony Blair is keen to ‘re-engage’ with UK politics and has apparently hired a spin doctor as part of an attempt to raise his domestic profile.

You couldn’t make it up. Blair always played his role as if he were an actor, making loud speeches while leaving the scripting and the work to someone else. Now this delusional narcissist thinks that he can make a come back. Like some ageing movie star surrounded by sycophants he thinks he will make one last movie.

Even after the New Labour years have been shown to be a drunken binge funded by borrowing from the next generation; even after the Iraqis have been shown not to have had weapons of mass destruction; even after the MPs have been shown to have had their fingers in the till; even after his Director of Communications and Strategy (Alistair Campell) has revealed that he was suffering from alcoholism and depression during the Blair years; even after the press that supported Blair have been shown to be breaking laws and lying and the police conniving with the press and the bankers have been shown to have been funding lavish lifestyles by taking huge risks with investors money; even after Brown ran a deficit during boom years, sold half the UK gold reserves at the bottom of the market and shafted everyone’s pensions this scurrilous shit still thinks that everything was fine and Britain just needs another dose of New Labour bullshit.

I was surprised when the guy who brought war to the Middle East was made the UN Peace Envoy but I was not surprised that he went into banking after he left politics. And I am not surprised now that he wants to make a come back. When he was PM I was astonished at the gall of the man. I recall one time when he ran out of arguments he justified what he’d done by saying he had to do what he thought was right as if he had some special religious powers to tell us what was right. Remember that ghastly self riotous and patronising grin? – “Ah, OK Tony, as long as you think it’s right”.

The fact that he thinks he can return is ample proof of the delusional and narcissistic nature of the man. He thinks that his unending claims to be “passionate” about everything is sufficient substitue for practical policies. He thinks that it was him that held power and he forgets the lackeys and spin doctors that really held him in place and are now scrambling around trying to get power for themselves.

Get the old team back together…..we’ll make a comeback……it will be like the old days……yeh right! Only this time the economie is in a mess and everyone will remember how they all shafted each other last time around.

If Blair comes back then his admirers may support him thus splitting the vote for the next leader between Blair, Milliband 1 & Milliband 2. Hopefully this will finally drive a stake through the comatose, stinking remains of New Labour and that can only be a good thing. It’s almost worth getting him back just to see the fragile reputation which he retains amongst the stupid torn to shreds and the fact that he doesn’t see this coming is more proof of his tenuous grasp on reality which will only add spice to the spectacle.

Bring it on!


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