Boycott Israel

Israel continues to expand settlements on Palestinian land. Settlement actiivty slows when the world attention is on the area but speeds up when the world focuses on something else. In April this year another three “illegal outposts” were made legal under Israeli law.

This settlement activity is gradual but remorseless and can only be explained by a deliberate policy of ethnic cleansing by sucessive Israeli governments. It make Israel and apartheid state.

I doubt anyone knows of a certain solution to the conflict in Palestine/Israel but continual theft of Palestinian land is illegal under international law, provides justification for Islamists and gives the lie to Israeli claims that they are victims in this conflict. It also undermines the libertarian credentials of the United States and does nothing to protect Israelis as it merely stokes up animosity for the future.

Trade sanctions eventually worked in South Africa, maybe they can work in Palestine/Israel. Boycott Israel!


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