Perseid The Damp Squid

Damp Squid
Damp Squid

Saturday evening me and a friend drove up onto Dartmoor to watch the Perseid Meteor shower. We parked in a small car park by the Warren House Inn and looked around for a place to camp. After getting  wet feet trapsing through marshland we found a bit of flat ground high up away from the road. Returning to the car we picked up the gear and retraced our steps, this time avoiding the gullies. After the tent and camp bed were erected we headed for the pub.


The Warren House is a friendly old fashioned place which serves lamb hot pot, lasagne and the like. The sort of grub you want if you have been wandering around in English weather which was of course misty and overcast. We expected to be heading straight for bed once the pub closed.

After a few pints the landlady told us that the fire in the hearth had been brought from another pub which had burnt down and was never allowed to go out. Slowly the place emptied of customers and about 11:30 we emerged into the darkness. As it was so dark I took the opertunity to fall into a ditch by the side of the road and after that we switched on our head torches. We hunted around and eventually found our camp and cracked open another couple of beers. By now the sky had begun to clear and we could see some stars.

We stood about and looked and looked and looked. I saw one but it was pretty obvious that, like the rest of the tourists to England this year, the Perseid’s had mostly stayed away. The cloud began to draw in but we retained a small patch of clear sky. As I lay on my camp bed in my sleeping bag I gazed up and saw two more tiddlers. Another Perseid damp squib.

Star House
Star House

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