Old Fashioned LSD

In the old days, perhaps before the mass hysteria about drugs, scientists used to conduct experiments on the effects of LSD. The first two videos are quite fascinating. I love the way that, in the second video, the girl seems to be having one revelation after another until she realises “I can do everything!”.

The miliary thought they could use LSD as a weapon and so they experimented too. Happily the results seems to have been merely to incapacitate a bunch of Royal Marine Commandos by causing them to giggle and “lose their sense of urgency”. Oh, and one man “nearly succeeded in felling this tree using only a spade”.

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  1. That first one is priceless.

    On the third, can you imagine giving LSD to men with rifles without their knowledge as an “experiment”? Bloody ‘ell!

  2. They used an early form of ‘Ecstacy’ (MDMA) as an appetite suppressant for front-line troops in the trenches during World War I. I’ve heard of “Love thine enemy” but that’s pretty ridiculous, eh…?! Hywel

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