Rathayatra on Hove Lawns

Rathayatra Cart Festival on Hove Prom
Rathayatra Cart Festival on Hove Prom

This afternoon the Krishna Concoiusness people held their festival of Rathayatra for Lord Krishna on Hove Promenade. This consisted of a very large cart holding Krishna, in His most merciful form of Jagannatha, being pulled along the prom by his devotes while others dance “in ecstacy”. Many people are aware of the Krishna followers as some strange cult but Krishna is a Hindu deity and there apeared to be many Hindus there. One man in a wheel-chair carried a fantastic shrine decoracted with flowers on his lap while his friend pushed him along.The people looked gorgeous; the women in colourful saris and the men in white or orange. The atmosphere was jovial and friendly and tourists mingled freely with the dancers. It made me think how different traditonal Englsh festivals are. We people of Anglo-Saxon or celtic descent seem to have either very private homely festivals like Christmas or, when we do go public,  our festivals tend to get fairly sinister like Guy Fawkes Night in Lewis which seems not disimilar to The Whicker Man.

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