The Land Beyond – British sea power at the duke of york

From The Sea To The Land Beyond
From The Sea To The Land Beyond

I was texted Friday evening saying come and see a gig at the Duke Of York. A film about the sea with live music. Arrived just before midnight to find a lot of people waiting to see the Brighton based indie rock band British Sea Power perform a live accompaniment to the film From The Sea To The Land Beyond.

From The Sea To The Land Beyond is a film by Penny Woolcock using archive footage from films made over the past 100 years from the the British Film Institute. It is a montage and traces very loosely the history of the British relationship with the sea.

I bought a large glass of Rioja and took a seat. As the film started and the band began to play the connection between the two was not obvious. Much of the footage is fairly stark black and white and the music is modern indy rock. However, very quickly I relaxed into the film and found it captivating, the music providing a splendid backdrop to some fascinating images. British Sea Power are a basic guitar band supplemented by a viola and a cornet and I loved the way the cornet swept one along in what was at times quite an emotional experience.

Terrific stuff, reminiscent of Koyaanisqatsi in places and which could stand another viewing.

P.S. – Just discovered this is to be shown at 9pm on BBC 4 this evening.

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