Devils Dyke
Devils Dyke
Nick Orsbourne
Parrot by Nick Orsbourne

Saturday afternoon the rain came in and visibility was down to yards up at Devils Dyke but FINALLY, today, we had clear skies and sunshine just in time for the Brighton Marathon. Pre festival spirit seems to be kicking in and last weekend Brighton Unitarian Church held a Makers Boutique (a craft fair to you and me) selling handmade contemporary arts & crafts with some good work by Nick Orsbournbe. They plan to repeat this throughout the year, check their site for details.

Classical Lighting on Western Road has closed down – FINALLY! I bought some lights in this shop 14 years ago when I first moved to town and they had a closing down sale then. As far as I know they’ve had a closing down sale every day since. I imagined that they got away with it because of the high turnover of people moving to Brighton and then moving out again. I had thought that this was just some sales gimmick but it seems they really were closing down, only very, very, very slowly.

Classical Lighting
Classical Lighting
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